Must goodbyes be so necessary. I can’t. For even just the sound of the words upon my lips are like daggers piercing my flesh while suddenly the wind I breath turns to broken glasses. I can’t.

I am surrounded with smiles as if all the bitterness in the world decided to one day leave me. And for once, the only punishment I may suffer from is sailing to a new day–a new tomorrow, a new chapter with the pages of yesterday now a big blur. I can’t.

To have today end and tomorrow rise… I can’t. 

Why is it that on the days when everything is so clear and blissful, a day of infinite joy, on the days when we finally realize what flying feels like, the next day comes to show us how it feels like to fall? Is this nature’s way of balance?–to bring us up so high that we feel like we can move the mountains and sail as fast as the Titanic and never sink and blister and fade….then one day take all of that away?

I can’t. 

How do I even say my farewell? I can’t. 

This is why fairytales aren’t supposed to have a happy ending…they make life feel so beautiful and fantasy-like but they forget to tell us that after the dragon is slayed and the princess saved, we must move on to greater adventures and leave only marks of our legacy. We may return, but it will never be the same again.

Today and tomorrow are two very different worlds. One can never choose when to end and when to start again. 

My thoughts today may not be forged well for an aching heart may sometimes alter the way the universe comes together. 

 SO maybe today, the sound of my cries will be carried on by the wind on the day I say goodbye.


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