I’m going through a break-up with high school.

With each step I take, a million memories in my mind start to compile into a movie that basically sums up my 4 years of being a high school student..strung into pictures of smiles and friendships as if stars being fathomed into constellations.

I realized, the alarm clocks that had been torturing me each morning, separating me from the warmness of my bed…the school works I had been cursing for the past few years.. the teachers I had been trying to get rid off.. the very things that made me cry are the very things I will miss the most.

Graduation is nearing. I feel like going through a break-up. A break-up with family. A break-up with Mariano Marcos State University.

The days are counting down as tears start to fall and as the pages of high school turns yellow.

Reader, I don’t think I’m strong enough to handle this break-up. I don’t think anyone is. But that just life..we’re never ready but it goes on anyway.




  1. High School is definitely a major phase in our lives–but they all are. You have been formed and molded by these years, and they’ll keep living with you as part of who you are. 🙂

    1. thats true..slaying the dragon isnt the end of the fairytale because there are more chapters waiting for us..and we tackle each chapter we all the lessons we earned from the previous ones 🙂

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