It’s been rough. Words cannot be taken back and fire will keep on rising unless hell freezes over. Friendships die. When barriers are made, time buries the past..letting each memory spent fade into the dark abyss of the beyond.

Gone. As quick as a shooting star, all the smiles, laughter, jokes and cheers. Nothing but dust now. No value at all.

I’ve always thought that on the days when the sun goes down when everything is perfectly plotted… when a new sun rises….I always thought that there will always be more smiles to show, more jokes to share, more reasons to smile, more songs to sing, and more stars to reach. Now, only unsure tears can be shown from the corner of the eyes. Only heavy steps can tell how much everything has changed. Only doubtful looks can make what once was so beautiful a terror in disguise.

I hear their voices nearing. My heart sinks. Tears start to squeeze out of my eyes. They stopped and saw an old friend clutching at her pen..but scribbling nothing. I try to summon every nerve in my body to produce any sound to stop the wind from creating the awkward atmosphere. But all I could manage was a smile.

Nothing but a smile to fill up all the days of not talking to each other..all the days of missing each other and all the days gone with our youth.

It was then when our smiles met, did I realize that some friendships never really die. We sometimes think it’s over but actually, we’re just looking for that something to trigger a million memories ignored. Friends are forever.


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