I saw myself die.

It’s strange how she takes each step with such hesitation. Why does she hide in her perfectly long hair? I mean, she’s beautiful. She’s smart. She’s everything. What’s wrong?

I watch her body lay crumpled in a pitiful state. Everything she lived for- gone in the wind. Everything her skin touched- now mourns in misery. I don’t blame her. School was driving her crazy.

Be perfect. Be smarter. Be prettier. Be thinner. Be wiser. Be stronger. Be faster. Be perfect..smarter..prettier..thinner..wiser..stronger..faster.. perfect. You’re not enough. Study more! You’re not fitting in. Diet more! You’re not perfect enough! 

It went on and on and on until finally she broke. And up on the edge of the building, she felt she could conquer everything. She spread out her arms..took one last breath..and smiled. Then fell. Still with the words ringing in her head. 

Blood! Dead girl! Call an ambulance! 

Her heart stopped. 

Poor her. Now I I leave as her blood drains. I cried inside and looked away.

I could not watch my own body-still not perfect.


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