I smile to you with all the hatred my middle finger holds

Sometimes, the future is not in our hands. Sometimes, just keeping your mouth shut is the best way to go. Sometimes, the confidence you’ve tried to build within years of blood and sweat and tears gets crushed into tiny bits of shattered fragments reflecting what once was so proud and real.. and that’s just how it is. Sometimes, school gets rough especially when grades are on the line and you see your whole future depending on the balance of every digit that mirrors every check mark on every paper you try to scribble with all the facts and numbers you learn. Sometimes, easy  is the best way to go..

“I don’t need easy. I just need possible.”

The world is filled with evil pests disguised in human forms..so idealistic, self-declared superiors but in reality they are just blind morons. They come as if they can conquer.

They stand so tall as if as mighty as the mountains who never bow down to the winds. They speak with such awful grammar but in their words they hold our futures. They hold the thin line on which we stand. If we speak, they shake us and we fall. If we disagree, they will not hesitate to cut the very lines that decide the reasons for our smiles and more often our reasons to cry.

But who says we can’t take a stand. Who says we can only watch and shut up?

Bullies, teacher, haters, parents, society, whoever else that inspired me to write this- I salute my middle finger to you for every time you broke me.. for every time you tried to put me down.. for every time you said NO to my dreams.. for every time your words pierced through me like a dagger.. for every time you cut down my wings.. for every time you told me I would never reach the stars and fathom them into constellations. I give my smile to you- beautiful with every crack that has made me a better person.

Today, this is my stand. Thoughts I have strung into words..simply to let you know that the damsel who was always under your hands is now STRONG. Wounded but brave. Breakable but spirited.

And lastly, the girl who once cried for justice dedicates this to every person who has ever been stepped on.

Keep falling…because one day, you will crash and realize that within the scars there is an invincible soul. Valiant. Daring. Fearless.


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