I miss school. Seriously.

For the last few weeks, nothing has separated me from the warmness of my undeniably supportive bed. No alarm clocks to ruin a beautifully plotted dream. Nothing to worry about, just a new sun rising, new food on the table, no school work, just freedom. 

But it all ends tomorrow. Guns loaded with mind-blowing Math equations, termite-infested rooms filled with monstrous teachers who are gonna eat us alive, and more bullets to dodge. Yup! It’s a little battlefield I love to call high school.

Actually, I kinda miss school (no, Im not hypnotized by aliens nor am I on drugs) I seriously miss school. I miss the adrenaline rush I get whenever I wake up at 5:30 a.m. trying not to sing in the shower (cuz that would make me stay longer in the bathroom), trying to munch everything I can because of the limited time I have. I miss the excitements of getting to see my friends in the morning. I miss walking through the corridors saying hi to random schoolmates. I miss trying to beat the clock in an attempt to find x, y and z. I miss seeing my crush and getting jolts of happiness whenever our eyes meet. The list of the things I miss goes on and on and on and on. 

I know it sounds crazy. When I was 12, I hated school. I hated everything- all the homeworks, projects, examinations and not t forget the never-ending ache of failures. 

But today I suddenly miss it… I suddenly crave for all the busy and chaotic days. It’s all because I’m not getting any younger. 2 months from now Im gonna turn 16, and with each year added to my age, all the fun memories suddenly seem so far now. I can never go back to the joyous days of being young and immature and childish. I have to be responsible now. Time won’t slow down. I may want to still stick around the past for much longer but life won’t care. It will move on and if we don’t move with it, we get trampled.

Reader, I’m afraid of graduation. I’m afraid that the future won’t greet me with open arms. I fear the day I can no longer have the time and energy to do all the crazy things I want. I fear the responsibility vested upon my shoulders as I take the diploma and leave high school for good. 

Fear will always hunt me. But I can’t bow down to it forever. 

Out there is a world of possibilities. Opportunities are like a house of cards- they crumble easily. But we shouldn’t be afraid to enter and enjoy the wonders it offers. I need to stop drawing lines and boundaries and start crossing them. 

A lot of people are afraid to leave memories behind. But I believe they’re just afraid to make new ones. 

Dear reader, I believe that sometimes building more fences around us only ruins what’s out there. We should be taking risks and crossing walls because we are only young once. We need to stop fearing what’s unknown and start unlocking more doors of tomorrow.

So tomorrow, I will walk the floors of the corridors with style. I will ride, I will fly, chase the wind and touch the sky.



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