Inspiration from a jeepney (thoughts I just thought of)

Did you ever wonder if the girl in the pink gown really wants to wear the crown or was she just trying to fit in? If the girl sitting on the bus alone really wants to sell all those drugs or was she just broke? If the girl walking the streets half naked really wants to give away her body or was she just making money because she has a daughter back home who needs medicine? If the mom drinking alcohol in the streets really wants the little kid starving by her side or was she just a victim?

Everyday I ride a jeepney back home and I see all the different kinds of people. I judge them by their looks– people who, like me are students worn out from all the school work, people who got their hearts broken and are craving for their undeniably supportive bed and pillows, people who have families to come home to, people who are lovers, waiting to see their other half on the end of the road. I see them everyday, I see them through their eyes. But of course, I only know what I think.

But I never know their stories. 

I only wonder if it was destined for me to see them or even to touch their hands when they hand me their money for me to give to the driver.

But I guess I realized one thing- the world is filled with unknown stories and it is not our job to just look and judge. It’s our job to seek and understand. 

It’s ironic when society loves to criticize the undesirable people but society itself makes them undesirable. We often judge people by the looks because we think their stories are written in their tattoos or their exposed parts or their smiles. But we never ask if more is written in their homes or in their family or in their history. 

One day, I want to go out and wear a vampire costume without being judged immediately as a lunatic. One day, I want the people to open their eyes more and think more and not just follow trends. One day, I want to cry without everyone calling me a crybaby. One day, I want people to start understanding rather than merely judging.

Yes, opinions matter. But opinions should also learn respect and truth.

The jeepney (jitney) is filled with stories- unspoken but felt. Just like the universe, it works in whispers and silence. 


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