Love is easy if you know how to play the game

Note: these are just random thoughts on what I think the society is doing to its people. Hope you enjoy! 

The moon loves the earth. See how it always revolves around the sphere despite the fact that the moon never meets the earth.

The ocean loves the shore. Imagine how beautifully it caresses the shore with its waves turning into gentle bubbles of white despite how many times it gets sent away.

The mountains love the sky. All so mighty they kiss the abode of clouds with every inch of their being despite the fact that the clouds could care less of what the sky holds.

Once upon a time, I was the moon, the ocean and the mountain that fell in love with the earth, the shore and the skies. Each time, I got broken and shattered.

But this time, I will hurt no more.

I put down my glasses and got contacts- the pretty ones that makes your eyes adorable. I threw away my baggy shorts and fandom shirts. I wore my hair down, got a tight, skimpy dress and all the hair products I need to make my curls look flawless everyday. I said goodbye to my books and said hello to alcohol and drugs. And before I knew it, I was the lighthouse attracting all the hunky ships.

Finally, I was winning.

I could get a free drink with one wink of the eye. I could make out with anyone and do anything I want. Night life all the way. And I could get away with anything I do with just a twist of the hair, a bite on the lip and a move of the hip. I could take a picture and have hungry men pay thousands to have me. I could break a couple within minutes. I am the queen now.

Love is easy if you know how to play the game. I’ve got the magic in me! And I will always end up on top. Ciao!


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