Thoughts I stitched up into words

I am a supernova exploding in aggravating aches of painful hope caused by the never-ending dark twisted tricks of destiny.

Each part of me breaks, only making more gaps to be filled by your blissfulness with another. Voiceless, I scream. Flightless, I fall. I go unnoticed with tears in my eyes and red on my cheeks. 

Oh the universe, who can put an end to the bottomless pit of deceitful love so that damsels like me would never have to suffer from forever longing for a romantic sunset at the beach? Help me stop the hurting ache that lives on my chest. 

Sometimes I yearn that the world is simply a wish-granting factory so that slowly the pieces of me could fall right back to their rightful places…so that every inch of me would never have to sting from all the tears…so that the sun could see me smile again.. so that I would never have to be broken. 

But we can’t have that, can we?

Life has its ways. It only works around the choices we make and chances we take. So every blessing or mishap today is only a product of what we’ve done.But one thing for sure is that these are lessons and stories to one day tell.



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