Ignoble promises and lies.

This year, I will be a new me.

Of course not. Another stepping stone is only filled with more complicated paths to discover myself more and to improve what is already the curly-haired girl who wants to fly to the moon. Another year does not mean a new ticket to change the past and create the future. Another year is only another roller coaster, this time higher and much tougher..sometimes filled with ups that will make us hug the sky and burst in mischievous laughter and exalt in victory..but more often filled with downs that will bend us and break us and scar us. But reader, that is the point of a new year- for more adventures that will create more experiences that will be stitched up into memories that will be mended into shields.

This year, I will not make the same mistakes.

Completely the opposite! 2014 calls for more mistakes for with more wrong turns we find more lessons that ring with truth. “WE make mistakes because life has no instructions manual.” It is us who writes the manual. And yes, we dont often read the directions. And sometimes that is a good thing. Take the wrong way, get stuck somewhere and learn. Or fall in love with the wrong person, break your heart a lot and learn. Meet new friends maybe get betrayed..then learn. Make all the wrongs you can because thats when the human mind learns.

This year, I will be a good girl.

Never. I will not promise to be a “good” girl who gets good grades, agrees politely to almost everyone, tries to lend a hand to all those who asks for it and never pictures the evil teacher with horns and claws. But I will be the girl who tries hard to reach the stars and fly through the valleys of the unknown. I will be the girl who stands up for something rather than to blindly agree to everything. I will be the girl who always says thank you and always apologizes for her rudeness but I will never be the girl who apologizes for the way my eyes see the never-ending possibilities the universe offers.

Dear reader, we do not need to make promises to great a new year. We only need to stay true to ourselves instead of blending in with  what society wants us to do and become.

This 2014 is a time for us to realize ourselves more and start taking a grip on the steering wheel (i dont know what they call the stuff they use in a pirate ship.. sorry :/) of our lives. This is a time to start pulling the anchors and taking risks into the open air and maybe one day defy gravity.

Reader, fill this new book of 365 pages with more wonderful mistakes. And never forget to seize the day 🙂


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