Some adventures kill us

So I haven’t posted anything for the last few days because I went on an adventure!

Up on the mountain where the land and the skies meet, is a humble village of adrenaline-pumping adventures, yes, it is the snowless abode of the Igorots- Mt. Province.

So I hiked down a mountain, through some muddy rice terraces, down the side of another mountain. The 2-hour hike probably pushed my lungs to the limit as we had to move and struggle for air as we went down the slippery paths.

One thing I learned from almost dying from weak legs is to always follow the trail (otherwise you’ll fall into the side of the mountain and hear your screams echo into heaven) but never forget to look up. Some of the foreigners who came to hike with us were so eager to follow the trail and get to the falls but they always forget to look up and enjoy the painting of the wild and fresh greenery of the trees standing on the gigantic mountain. The hike itself was the adventure!

Just like in life, we always have a trail to follow but we should never forget to look up and see how far we’ve come. “Life is a climb but the view is great.”

So after 2 hours of hiking I was finally brought into a place of zen. No. I didn’t die. I stumbled to the end of the path and saw this mighty beast of epic wonders. The Bomod-ok Falls or simply Big Falls.


Some adventures may kill us but the adventure itself is beautiful. Not everything has to be a destination, sometimes the journey is the important part.

Right now, I am sick from an 8-hour travel back home so I will be talking more about my holiday adventures later.


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