Realizations from tidal waves of memories

Time will never slow down. 

I may still want to enjoy my high school life but alas, in three months, if fate is not so cruel, I will be standing in front of my enemies, best friends, classmates, haters, lovers (if I have any) and also my teachers from the horrid ones to the angels sent from above and maybe sitting in the audience are my “fans” too, with the spot light on me, slowly experiencing staccato bursts of flashbacks from the past 4 years of abhorrent wonders that created scars and memories to be treasured as I receive the diploma I have been chasing after since birth.

So why am I writing this on the day after Christmas instead of posting the cliche “Merry Christmas posts”?

It is because time will not slow down. 

Next year, on the 6th of January I go back into the battlefield of High School dodging my last mind-blowing Math problems, cherishing my last minutes inside my termite-infested classroom, spending my last talks with my best friends and classmates, taking my last selfies in my soon to be alma mater, and the list of “lasts” goes on.

But then I remember my first year in high school. Everyone was shy and timid and we were all scared like little red riding hoods frolicking in the meadows, oh so innocent until we met the wolf. And that’s when the story changes.

We were riding in a roller coaster and we had to learn how to adapt to its bloodcurdling ups and downs. Sometimes puking is an option as long as  no one gives up, as long as we hold on to the rails of control, we were fine.

Then we grew. But the roller coaster grew with us. When sophomore year came, the giants we faced and the hurricanes we tried to avoid grew bigger too. So everyone tried to hide in their circle of friends, slowly discovering their enemies lurking within their own circles. But let us not forget the good times. Sophomore year was fun. Adventure was everywhere, love was in the air and success was only 2 years away.

And soon enough, Junior year came. And yes we conquered the roller coaster! We let go of the handlebars of control and went wild for chaos and mischief. Our lives were libraries filled with books of legends crafted on the experiences Junior life offered. But we were blind to the upcoming catastrophe called Senior life.

We thought we were prepared. But Senior life was unique. Every minute of every day has to be seized for we were leaving our voyage. With foot prints left and stories made, the gates are closing. Then I thought, wow the irony. We only know the value of high school when it is about to end. Before, we sailed like innocent sailors across the stormy tides because we never thought of the seas coming to an end. Now, like vikings we are eager to conquer everything.

And so this is the story of an end nearing.

Reader, life has an end, not just high school. That is why we must seize every minute and make it memorable. Make everyday a story to tell and a memory worth remembering because unlike high school, life has no graduation to indicate the closing, life only has one end.



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