Will I fall with no one to catch me?

Will I fall with no one to catch me?

Of course I will. Everyone will.

John Green once said “The world is not a wish-granting factory.”

And I agree.

Because life will hit us..hard..in the face.. sometimes with a chair. And tears will squeeze out from the very eyes that has witnessed the hardships of life, the cruelty of the universe but also the beauty of the world. Scars will sting and bitterness will fill up every open splinter that comes with every minute of every suffering.

But one thing I’ve learned from never carrying a rifle or any type of shield in a battlefield called high school is that life is the best guru. It marks us with different kind of cuts and bruises. But letting the wounds bleed is the best way to remind ourselves, that were not giving up..that life can plan the worst case scenarios but we will always crawl out every chasm of darkness with more scars but with a smile of victory.

So dear reader, treasure the scars of yesterday because tomorrow is rising. And more will come.


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