Life and Death and the Filipinos Caught in Between

After the storm isn’t always a rainbow but an endless grave of dead bodies and survivors- waiting..drooping..dying.

Just a few weeks ago, Typhoon Yolanda, internationally known as Haiyan  has left its mark in history with bloodshed and a river of tears. It swallowed a whole city in murky waters while taking away more than 10 000 lives. Its powerful 314 kph winds toppled and ravaged through the cities of Visayas including 10, 406 barangays and 575 municipalities.

But it did something greater.  It aweaken an energy within us- the desire to take action. An opportunity that people must be brave enough to take. It is the opportunity to make a change.

Despite being the target of the world’s most powerful storm, Filipinos from the young and old, united to help the victims of typhoon Yolanda. The passion for helping became so viral that countries around the world set sail to voyage to the land of crumbling souls to stand as one of the pillars to help regenerate the lost spirit of victims everywhere.

Definitely priceless! Reader, imagine countries who were once enemies of a pointless battle for land and power, went hand in hand to help the homeless, the living, the dead, and the people caught in between. The scars, centuries old, buried in bandgages of compassion and love.

With Christmas neaaring, struggles cannot be avoided, a gloomy noche buena is expected and empty Christmas trees will never make the victims complete these holidays. But I believe that the Filipino spirit is waterproof!

If we stand as a nation, we can stitch up the tapestry of our own rainbow made of valor and empathy that will show the universe that after the storm are struggles but after the struggles is the most beautiful smile conquering the pains and mishaps of typhoon Yolanda.

The typhoon was strong. But we are stronger.


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