Oh, the universe

The universe has no permanent agenda. It only acts upon the choices you make and the chances you take. It forever watches us..maybe sometimes mocks us with an infinity of obstacles.

It’s as if the universe has its own game plan of events that changes as the game of life goes on, and we’re the pieces that so blindly follow the coincidentally destined paths the universe has chosen for us.

I believe the universe knows  us. It knows that we humans are programmed for love, determination and happiness. Though sometimes it forgets the fact we are also engineered for hurt, failure and misery.

The universe does not punish nor reward us. It only stares. We just have to stare back at it, sometimes with eyes of triumph and sometimes with eyes of sorrow.

The universe watches us cry. Sometimes it cries with us. It hears our dreams. Sometimes it sends the moon to glimpse at our never-ending eternity of hopeless wandering and curiosity. Sometimes it makes the stars fall, to keep us believing in miracles and wishes. Sometimes it decides to write us a love story, though I have to admit, the universe loves tragedy. And sometimes it is as if it has its own language, speaking to us through hidden signs and obvious calls.

So maybe today, the universe woke me up to write this..not to be read. But to be felt.

Oh the universe, when will you stop staring?


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