I remember when we used to act like pirates who loved to make mud pies in the never-ending vast of greenery that stretched for miles, always so patiently waits for the sun to set and rise. The trees were like Mt. Everest to us, but we climbed them anyway because the winds dared us and the sky was no limit. I wasn’t scared because I know you would catch me if I fell. I guess I was wrong…

The days passed by and the world did not stop changing. We were once stars so close to each other, now we are galaxies apart. High school stole our childhood memories. We studied in the same school but we saw each other different. In the corridors, you passed by me like I was a stranger and you hang out with your clicks and never bothered to talk to me ever.

When graduation came, and our roads were again split to many more paths, you never said goodbye. I never told you what I always felt for you.

But last summer was a new dawn for me when finally you saw me when I was invisible. It was the nature of stars to cross. And summer brought us together.

We talked by the deep blue sea, told stories of our college lives and the gush of mixed feelings electrified me as you held my hand in what seemed like forever. For the first time, I felt infinite.

What once were shattered fragments of lost childhood were brought up again in stacatto bursts of love and empathy as we enjoyed each sunset by the gentle roars of the waves. You gave me forever in a season of warmth and bliss.

But happy endings were just too perfect for two misfits. The day came when our paths were done crossing each other. And goodbye was to be said. For the first and last time, you held me in your arms and said the words “I love you”

You were my childhood friend and now my summer love. I guess we’re just lost stars waiting and searching for the right galaxy.


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